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welcome to blogger uche

Hey Techie! Welcome to , I’m Uche (a.k.a Blogger Uche). I’m a blogger , software developer , Tech enthusiast and a YouTuber.

So, what’s it about ? Here , I’ll share lifestyle updates , reviews, tips , tricks & solutions, I’ll talk about a lot of challenges developers face when working on or choosing a stack. I’ll share ideas on freelancing and how to manage your clients .

My contents are cross national and are culled from my deep research on them or mostly likely trending topics in tech that concerns us.

i’ll review apps , websites , startups and new tech updates. I’ll also be interviewing tech founders small and big and I think it’s going to be an experience 🙂.

I’ll also accept promotional payments on my reviews , and featured posts to keep the money 😂.

I’ll monetize this blog with ad platforms, selling of ad spots and affiliate links which would also be useful to you.

Don’t expect something too formal , this is a 3 (or more)times a week updates blog but trust me our contents are valid and can never lie.

i’ll conduct my researches to give you value for your time and encourage you to be a regular visitor to boost your learning prowess because it’s going to be an awe-mazing experience on this chariot.

Who is Blogger Uche for ?

Are you a programmer, software developer, gamer ,Techie , blogger , SEO & contents manager or you just love tech articles ? I also want to know If you like movie , tutorials , beats/music recommendations for Nerds or should I say Techies ? Welcome onboard ! Don’t forget you can come back here for biographies of people in tech.

Looking for More Information or to contact us?

You Can Reach Out To Us On Our Blog Mail or read about me on

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