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It’s no news that Facebook has redirected the bulk of their staff strength to the development of Metaverse

They’ve handed over a lot of responsibilities involved in running Facebook to their AI software and it’s causing a lot of trouble really.

The way AI is throwing people into jail, blocking comments, deleting accounts is something that can’t be overlooked.

These days AI can suspend your account “by mistake” and then by “mistake” stop you from appealing. Ever.

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I don’t even want to talk about how these mfs suspend ad accounts, seize your money and no one has sued them or PayU Nigeria for it.

I’m even suspecting that Facebook staff do not even understand the AI. Before an AI algorithm is released commercially, it is first of trained and tested with large data in a sandbox environment (testing environment).

But something tells me that Facebook hurriedly released their AI because they needed to free up hands.

Now they have no option but to directly test the AI on people’s real accounts here. As a result the AI is using people’s real accounts “to learn work”. Banning and suspending people even when they don’t deserve it.

It’s getting really bad and people are shifting their attention away from Facebook. Especially Facebook advertising.

The platform is gradually becoming too crowded for the owners to handle. The owners have shifted their focus on more important projects like building a virtual world were people are like they are characters in a video game.

Meanwhile , since the last time I contested the decision their AI made on my account and won, I’ve been freely writing , commenting and posting words however I deem fit and I’m surprised I haven’t been in jail or kicked off the algorithm.

These their community rules are beginning to piss me off

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